Dan Morehead: XRP will be one of the few cryptosystems to survive

In the crypto world it’s quite complex to predict the future. A sector as dynamic as Blockchain technology generates novelties that change the whole scenario almost every day. Therefore, trying to predict which projects will still be in place in a few years, or even months, is a risky exercise. This has not prevented Pantera Capital’s CEO, Dan Morehead, from commenting that XRP will be one of the few crypto currencies to survive in the crypt world.

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XRP within the crypto market
Today, no one can deny that XRP, the crypto currency developed by the Ripple company, is one of the most important virtual currencies in the world. It is the third most important crypto-currency in the world by market capitalization, according to the ranking created by CoinMarketCap, and one of the best known by the whole community.

XRP was designed by Ripple as a mechanism to make international transactions more efficient. Allowing those who want to send money across borders to avoid having to rely on banks and other intermediaries. Instead, they can take advantage of the block chain of crypto-currency.

This would significantly reduce the execution time of these transactions, as well as the commissions charged for them. This is why important financial companies, such as Banco Santander, have already established alliances with Ripple for the use of its crypto-currency platform to facilitate their clients‘ cross-border transactions.

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Dan Morehead’s opinion on cryptomonies
For this reason, Dan Morehead, the CEO of Pantera Capital, has stated in an interview with Thinking Crypto, that in his opinion XRP will be one of the few cryptomonies that will survive in the long term. It will outperform other projects that, despite looking solid at the moment, will fall by the wayside as the crypt market reaches maturity.

„I think Ripple has done a great job. They’re one of the big companies in our business and they have hundreds of engineers building a lot of code (…) And they’re doing it a little differently. I know there are a lot of purists in our industry who get almost religious about, oh, it’s not totally decentralized, or it’s not whatever. (…) I see a world where we have eight or ten really important block chains in ten years, and XRP is going to be one of them.

Panther Capital’s support for Ripple doesn’t stop with Dan Morehead’s statements. The fund was one of the first to put its capital into XRP. In a strategy of diversification of investments between different startups related to the Blockchain. Which seems to be paying off with the constant advance in the price of Ripple’s crypt-currency.

Finally, Dan Morehead also commented on the projects in which Pantera Capital has the majority of its capital. He mentioned that the firm would have significant investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, Augur and 0x. All these projects that, like the XRP cryptomoney, are considered as solid in the long term by Morehead.

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